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Charity Partnership: Automotive & Transport

BMW Group UK with Whizz-Kidz

Charity Partnership: Automotive & Transport

BMW Group UK with Whizz-Kidz


For an outstanding partnership between a company in the automotive or transport sectors and a UK charity

What is the partnership?

BMW Group UK’s partnership with the disability charity Whizz-Kidz was established to put young disabled people in the driving seat of their own lives. Under the strapline Kidz in the Driving Seat, the partnership set out to address the lack of suitable mobility equipment provision for children and provide them with opportunities to gain the skills and support they need to thrive. BMW’s core focus on mobility made Whizz-Kidz a natural fit.

What did the company do?

BMW’s key challenge was to create a partnership that would resonate across the company’s diverse workforce. The partnership set an ambitious national target, but each site developed local plans. Funding tangible, local projects allowed staff to contribute to their own communities, while occasional national events brought the company together.

Staff were encouraged to participate through volunteering, hosting work placements for young wheelchair users and adding value to Whizz-Kidz services. A monthly newsletter, including local updates, promoted the partnership. BMW loaned Whizz-Kidz eight vehicles for key events and leveraged its relationship with Motability to provide a workshop on driving for young wheelchair users.

Why did it win?

The partnership was the most successful in BMW’s history and raised more than £315,000, well over target. The money that was raised funded 60 pieces of mobility equipment and 109 places on wheelchair skills training schemes, as well as places in clubs and camps set up to teach skills and combat social isolation.


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