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Advisory Board Interviews:

Q: How will the conference help people who work within the same areas of the sector as you?

A: The conference is going to be a great opportunity for a real exchange of ideas between charities and suppliers in the fundraising sector. It’s a chance for each group to learn about the latest developments and for tech partners, it’s a great chance to see what the latest challenges are that they should be designing solutions to.


Q: What are you looking forward to the most about this year’s conference?

A: The focus on the future of fundraising could not be more timely. With the challenges charities are facing in the UK, if you’re not preparing strategies to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market then you’re simply going to fall behind. I think this conference can be a real springboard as charities are forecasting where they’re going.

John Dunford, Campaigns lead, The Developer Society

Q: How will the conference help people who work within the same areas of the sector as you?

A: The conference is an amazing opportunity to link up with other fundraisers, share ideas, and learn from each other. As a freelancer, I often work alone, so getting together with other people across the industry is invaluable to keep up to date. I work in the arts, and I think that we as an industry could be much more closely connected with the wider charity sector. There is a lot we can learn from other charities and their approaches to fundraising.


Q: What are you looking forward to the most about this year’s conference?

A: I’m particularly looking forward to the new session formats, like failure power hour. There’s nothing like learning from mistakes!

Liz Draper, Corporate sponsorship consultant

Q: How will the conference help people who work within the same areas of the industry as you?

A: From my experience, this conference provides a unique coming together of networking, learning and fun into a single event. It allows you to meet key experts and influencers face-to-face and, as such, forces you to think, create new ideas and challenge yourself.


Q: What are you looking forward to the most about this year’s conference?

A: A big reason for me to attend next year’s conference is to meet like-minded people and industry peers. At the conference I will look to build my professional network and learn about new trends, technologies and tactics.

Sally Winfield, Chief operating officer, Accord

Latest Sponsor Announced:

The Big Lottery Fund
The Big Lottery Fund funds projects and activities that make communities stronger and more vibrant, and that are led by the people who live in them. We support charities, community groups, and people with great ideas – local or national, large or small.

Latest speaker announced:

Simon O’Connell, Mercy Corps, Executive director
With over two decades of experience working in international relief and development in a wide array of different countries and contexts, Simon is an experienced and entrepreneurial leader.

Key sessions at this year’s Fundraising Conference:

Fundraising 2030: Looking towards the future of fundraising where will we be in 10 years

With all the changes in the charity sector it is important to start thinking about where these changes are going to lead, how they are going to affect fundraising and how the sector will have to change in response. Hear from the top disruptive thinkers in the sector on their thoughts on what fundraising will look like in 2030. To highlight the importance of looking to the future the conference will begin with this engaging panel to set the theme that will be addressed further in the breakouts.

Diversifying the Fundraising Model

One aspect of preparing your charity for 2030 is making sure you have a sustainable fundraising model. This session will explore how to achieve this, new forms of fundraising and what it takes to diversify your fundraising model. Hear from Third Sector’s Charity of the Year, The Brain Tumour Charity, on how they grew from a £1m charity to a £10m charity in seven years. Understand what worked for them, what didn’t work and leave with practical tips on how to implement this into your charity.

Updating and improving your individual giving strategy- from transactions to deepening engagement

As the sector focuses more on engagement and involving donors in their cause, it is important to look at how to change your individual giving strategy to reflect this. What effect does prioritising engagement have on your campaigns? How should it change the way you interact with your supporters? How can we make our interactions less transactional? Why do donors want to be more involved in the causes they support? We will be addressing all these questions in this session and looking at how they have affected individual giving and what this means for your charity.

Mass participation events- how to get people excited about your cause

Mass participation events can be a great way to fundraise, engage people in your cause and raise awareness for your charity. However, they can be hard to get right. Hear Simon Antrobus Chief executive officer of Children in Need discuss tips on how to get people enthusiastic about your cause, how best to utilise these events and how to keep people engaged post-event.

Strategic partnerships: How to create partnerships without jeopardising your brand

Corporate partnerships can be a great way for two organisations to jointly achieve their goals and enhance their brand, but it is important to get them right and find a partnership which is going to be mutually beneficial. British Red Cross and Aviva will talk us through how they have achieved this, how they’ve ensured that the partnership has enhanced both of their brands and how it has been used to support all areas of the charity.

Digital engagement and acquisition- what does this strategy look like for your charity?

You might hear the importance of digital being talked about a lot but often in the broadest sense with no indication of where to start. This session will provide practical tips on how digital channels can be used to assist in acquisition and where to start when it comes to digital engagement techniques. We will explore how to acquire donors using digital tools and how to keep them engaged after you have acquired them.

Technology in Fundraising: How to enhance your supporter journey

As we see technology being incorporated more and more into fundraising we would like to celebrate two creative examples of using technology to support fundraising, making the process easier and more streamlined for the donor. Hear from the British Heart Foundation and Movember about the work they have done, how they came to implement these technologies and what they learnt from the process. This session will explore the potential for technology to transform your fundraising model and revolutionise the supporter journey.