Chair’s opening remarks


Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector



Leading your charitable organisation through the age of disruption

Fireside chat interview

  • What does effective leadership look like in 2021 and beyond?
  • Empowering your people to supercharge productivity, success and agility
  • Fostering a sense of trust, inclusion and loyalty in your employees to navigate uncertainty 
Dr Charmaine Griffiths, Chief Executive, British Heart Foundation 

 09:35                Session break  



Digging deep for virtual challenge events: how to unlock your fundraising community

Fireside chat
  • Bringing the challenge to life with virtual interactive maps to track their journey when travelling virtually for your organisation
  • Amplifying your charity voice through effective branding to engage participants and encourage healthy competition
  • Integrating your challenge page with social media networks, supporter communications and email campaigns
Rachael Heaton, Fundraising and Communications Manager, Dig Deep
Louise Tullin, Marketing Director, Enthuse

 10:00               Session break  



Rethinking charity investment strategy


  • Understanding what charity investments might look like to improve effectiveness and spendable revenue
  • Increasing confidence in funding with a modern charity investment strategy
  • Effective communication with stakeholders to explaining the need for investments
David Rowe, Senior Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Business, City, University of London Business School

 10:25                Session break  



As the dust settles, what have we learned in the past year?

Panel discussion

  • How has the fundraising landscape changed for the long-term?
  • What can we learn from the pace of change we have seen to implement in the future?
  • How have organisations organised and innovated differently to meet unprecedented demand?

Nana Crawford, Social Media Manager, British Red Cross

Eoghan Beecher, Country Manager – UK and Ireland, iRaiser

Zillah Bingley, Chief Executive, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Sarah J Cameron MCIOF, Director of Fundraising, ScotsERVS (Emergency Rider Volunteer Service)

Charlotte Urwin, Head of Policy, Fundraising Regulator


 11:15              Session break


Why prize-led fundraising is win-win for charities and not-for-profits

20 minute keynote

  • Discover key benchmarking insights in raffle and weekly lottery to support your programme decision making
  • Understand how prize-led fundraising (raffles and weekly lottery) fit within your wider fundraising mix and what role they play
  • Explore where prize-led fundraising can help acquire and nurture a more diverse supporter base and boost fundraising income

Helen Daw, Head of Data Strategy and Insights, Woods Valldata

Tanya Mitchell, Deputy Director and Head of Direct Marketing, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Abena Bentum, Individual Giving – Senior Manager, Children Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity


 11:40                Session break  


A new way to engage with the public, convey your message and receive donations

Panel discussion with the Railway Children charity
  • How do donation kiosks present a new way for charities to engage with the public?
  • Kiosk as a marketing channel – getting your message to a new audience
  • Lessons learnt from deploying kiosks around the UK
Alan Taylor, Sales Director, Worldline

Simon Taylor, Commercial Director, Evoke Creative

Mary McLaughlin, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Railway Children

 12:20              Networking lunch


Fostering employee wellbeing to cultivate a healthy workplace

Fireside chat interview

  • Promote wellbeing practices both in the office and virtual workplace to promote inclusion
  • Understand how charities have protected and preserved the mental health of fundraisers during an incredibly difficult year
  • Boost employee engagement and performance with an effective and holistic wellbeing strategy

Dorothea Arndt, CEO, Hand in Hand International

Nick Aveling, Head of Communications, Hand in Hand International


 13:50                Session break  


How to tailor your charity investments for a resilient revenue stream

Keynote presentation
  • What are the options available for ensuring the short-term and long-term resilience and balance of your investment portfolio?
  • How to tailor your investment strategy to your organisation and what you stand for for a successful financial future
  • Who to turn to for guidance and what to expect from a financial advisor in order to maintain reserves for any future sink or swim moments
Ben Gilmore, Investment Manager, Charles Stanley

 14:20                Session break  


Diversifying income streams in the age of COVID-19: what does this look like for 2021?

Panel discussion

  • Creating real, lasting and positive change in your fundraising practices as you shake up your fundraising strategy in response to the crisis
  • Managing a loss of income during the crisis, where does that leave charities now?
  • Encouraging collaboration across the sector to connect with new and existing audiences using lessons learned over the past year

Sarah Medcalf. Deputy Head of Foundation, Newcastle United Foundation

Pete Grant, Planning Director, GOOD Agency

Hamid H Azad, CEO, Muntada Aid


 15:05                Session break  


DE&I: How far have we come and how far do we still need to go?

Case study

  • Refining your communication strategy to better educate your employees to ensure a more inclusive workplace for all 
  • Measure your charity’s progress and impact on I&D
  • Providing a fair and equal working environment for ethnic minority employees to maximise creativity, drive productivity and boost organisational growth

Amar Abbas, Chief Executive, Youth Action

Rachel Edwards,  Equality, Diversity & Inclusion HR Business partner Northern Europe, Atos


 15:40                Session break  


Creativity in crisis: inspiring and innovative campaigns to maximise engagement

Closing keynote (quick-fire case studies and joint Q&A)

Join this quick-fire case study session to learn how charities have devised creative fundraising streams in order to maximise fundraising revenue

  • Digital storytelling: building a relationship with your audience through a screen
  • Offline to online: pivoting live events into the virtual space without losing your audience
  • Looking beyond transactional fundraising: responding to the demand for personalisation
Sam Afhim, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Freedom from Torture Julie Roberts, Head of Mass Market Fundraising, Pancreatic Cancer UK


Chair’s closing remarks

Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector 


Close of day one



Chair’s Opening Remarks


Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector




Conversation kick-starter: What are you doing to break down EDI boundaries?

Interactive session

Join this session with Martin Baker and experts in equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) to:

  • Hear real-life examples of why EDI is a vital priority for charities of any size.
  • Understand the challenges and break them down within your organisation.
  • Find out how you can collaborate with the Charity Learning Consortium to drive real change.
  • Learn what role you can play in creating lasting impact

Martin Baker, Founder and CEO, Charity Learning Consortium 


  09:40               Session break



Why agile is the right mindset for now

Opening keynote

  • Understand the fundamentals of agile working to add value to your organisation at minimal cost
  • Creating multi-disciplinary agile teams on any budget to maximise productivity and response times
  • Flex agile principles to suit your organisation culture, context, and resources for greater efficiency, responsiveness and impact

Deniz Hassan, Global Digital Fundraising Lead, Become World Food Programme


  10:20               Networking Lunch



Build your charity brand: creating an online hub to boost supporter donations

  • Integrate your supporter experience across online touch points for consistency and engagement
  • Accentuate your charity brand and mission to create meaningful supporter relationships
  • Maximise your income by streamlining and optimising their online experience
Nathan Pinkney, CEO, Peoples Fundraising

  10:50               Session break



Responding to the demand for events in the face of uncertainty

Panel discussion

  • Delivering an effective and creative donor experience in the current landscape to retain engagement and maximise fundraising revenue
  • Driving creativity in the virtual and real-life space to connect with your audience online
  • Designing a hybrid model for fundraising events to put your charity in the best position despite ongoing uncertainty in the events space

Grace Green, Development Manager, Three Choirs Festival

Alice Godfrey, Events Manager, London Symphony Orchestra

Henry Hall, Managing Director, Launch Interactions

Moderated by: Stephen Delahunty, Senior news reporter, Third Sector

  11:40               Session break

eBay for Charity discusses their charity training programme: Charity Connect

Keynote presentation

eBay for Charity reflects on the first wave of its training support, Charity Connect, a comprehensive 6 month training programme designed to help charities raise more money through eBay. Launched last year in response to the first lockdown, it aims to support the sector futureproof online fundraising and boost unrestricted revenue by selling on the marketplace.

Chris Gale, Head of Social Impact, eBay

  12:10              Networking Lunch


How new donation technology can increase your fundraising revenue

Roundtable Masterclass

Join this conversation to learn how new technology including QR codes, Paylinks and Open Banking can help with online and in-person donations and significantly lower the cost

  • How to scale up your fundraising model with affordable, simple to use donation methods
  • Maximise revenue by reducing costs and increasing donations with an alternative to in-person cash collection
  • Create better user experiences and increase campaign performance tracking

Justine Davy, Head of Fundraising, NHS Charities Together

Kerry-Jane Packman -Executive Director of Programmes, Membership and Charitable Services at Parentkind

Stephen Winyard, Chief Marketing Officer, Agitate & BOPP

Ian Gass, Chief Executive Officer, Agitate & BOPP



Charity membership: audience first innovation to drive fundraising revenue

Fireside Chat

  • Acquire new revenue streams by accessing new audience segments
  • Go beyond transactional fundraising by starting with audience insight
  • Create value for your cause by creating value for your supporters

Gemma Sherrington, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Save the Children


  13:30               Session break



Digital transformation for Nonprofit Finance Teams

Keynote presentation

Digital transformation allows you to have a data-driven handle on how your nonprofit is performing, on what you should focus your attention on, and on where to find efficiencies. Digital transformation also enables employees to focus on higher-value tasks rather than manual work that could be automated.

In this session you will learn how digital transformation can empower your finance team to make data-driven decisions for greater social impact. Listen in as we discuss:

  • What nonprofit finance leaders reveal as their greatest challenges
  • What digital transformation means for your organisation
  • How AI is supporting digital finance transformation
  • Nonprofit transformation stories
  • Leveraging technology to make it happen
Joan Benson, Director, Nonprofit Industry Marketing Sage Intacct


The end of the ‘saviour’ narrative: representing need without misrepresenting people

Panel discussion

  • Giving people in charities their own authentic voice with empowered and sensitive storytelling
  • Achieving nuance and balance by co-creating content with your service users and beneficiaries
  • Incorporating sensitivity and empathy in fundraising campaigns with new narrators
Gemma Sherrington, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Save the Children

Karin Woodley, Chief Executive, Cambridge House 

Prisha Bathia, Campaigner, Changing Faces 

Chair: Catherine Deakin, Deputy CEO, Changing Faces 

  15:00               Session break



Empowering your charity supporters to leverage your fundraising strategy

Case study

  • Championing supporter-led fundraising campaigns and providing best-in-class resources and advice
  • Utilising your trustee network with challenge campaigns to maximise engagement and fundraising revenue
  • Further your fundraising revenue by maximising the potential of your volunteer community

Noha Al-Afifi, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Arthritis Action

Iza Seabrook, Fundraising Manager, Arthritis Action


  15:40               Session break



Creative fundraising campaigns on a shoestring

Closing keynote (quick-fire case studies and joint Q&A)

  • Championing supporter-led fundraising campaigns and providing best-in-class resources and advice
  • Utilising your trustee network with challenge campaigns to maximise engagement and fundraising revenue
  • Further your fundraising revenue by maximising the potential of your volunteer community

Matthew Batten, Director of Communications, Church in Wales

Julia Clark, Director of Engagement, Encephalitis Society

Kristen Gallagher, Director of Revenue, Rose Theatre



Chair’s closing remarks 


Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector



Close of Fundraising Conference 2021