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Introduction from Third Sector Magazine



Opening Keynote: 2020 vision: How charities must adapt and evolve in a competitive landscape

  • The current fundraising environment and what we have learned over the last decade
  • How fundraisers are adapting and evolving to change to enhance collaboration across the sector
  • Reaching out to your audience: how to connect with new and younger audiences
  • Building resilience, agility and trust to drive growth across the sector 

Rhodri Davies, Head of Policy, Charities Aid Foundation



Case study:  How WWF developed 3 new market ready mass participation events with just 5 days, 10 stakeholders, snacks and a truck load of energy

  • Turning ambition into a plan
  • Building an airtight plan to hit all your deadlines
  • Leave old ways of working at the door – how to be empowered to make those decision

Caroline Appleton, Head of Fundraising Innovation, WWF-UK

  10:40 Networking refreshment break

  11:25 Build your own agenda: choose the breakout session most applicable to your daily role.


How do today’s corporates see their role in doing good and what support do they need from charities?

  • Understanding what corporates are looking for in charity relationships and how to deliver this 
  • Taking an outcomes-focussed approach and managing expectations for impact reporting for a productive working relationship
  • How partnerships are evolving away from the ‘big cheque’ culture and companies are trying to more directly bring about change

Nina Stott, Senior Manager UK Corporate Responsibility, Aviva

Eve Joseph, UK Responsibility Manager, Microsoft UK

Roxanne Newell, Communications Manager, Haymarket Media Group

Chris Edwards, CSR and Diversity Director, Travers Smith

Alexis Steadman, Corporate Responsibility Project Manager, RELX 


Masterclass: How to improve your supporter experience to guarantee a more secure funding base

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of the modern consumer to enhance the user journey
  • Adopting a donor-centric approach to maximise supporter engagement
  • How to measure your return on supporter experiences

Tracey Pritchard, Executive Director of Engagement, Prostate Cancer UK


How can your fundraising team, and the wider charity, help tackle the climate emergency?

  • Assessing the environmental challenges your organisation is facing and how you can work across teams to greenify

–     gain tips from groups funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and sector leaders about what they are doing within their charities

  • Understand more about the Climate Action top-up scheme pilot that has been running in Wales and how we are working with community groups to manage their environmental impact
  • Explore how you can take the lead in tackling the climate crisis we all face and be more sustainable as an organisation



John Rose, Director for Wales, The National Lottery Community Fund

Further speakers to be announced


  12:10 Build your own agenda: choose the breakout session most applicable to your daily role.


Masterclass: Mobile giving 

  • Harnessing the potential of SMS donations to engage with a younger audience 
  • Boost your mobile fundraising offer with contactless payments, mobile-optimised donation pages, apps and SMS capabilities 
  • Create, customise and track your campaigns through multiple channels to encourage those crucial regular donations

Social media 101 masterclass: adapting your content to engage effectively with your audience.

Online platforms are a free and effective way to engage with your supporters, and encourage them to make donations. Join this workshop session to capitalise on the potential of your channels by: 

  • Monetising social engagement
  • Maintaining variety with a range of shareable content
  • Leveraging social media platforms to encourage volunteering, donating or finding out more

Gráinne Callan,  Head of Supporter Recruitment (Digital and Direct Marketing), Greenpeace UK


Corporate Partnerships case studies

  • Understanding and aligning your values for a sustainable long-term partnership across sectors
  • How to pitch your ‘ask’ to corporate organisations to establish an effective relationship
  • Beyond the big cheque: recognising the non-financial value of collaboration efforts

Sally Dickinson, Head, Berkeley Foundation

Mayaz Rahman, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Crisis

Rob Turnbull, Head of Fundraising, Clothe and Feed


  13:00 Networking lunch 


  14:00 Build your own agenda: choose the breakout session most applicable to your daily role.


Maximise public engagement and awareness by bringing your charity message to life 

  • Understand how a pop-up can boost awareness and audience interaction to boost fundraising 
  • Expanding the reach and impact of your charity message through ‘stunts’
  • Bring your message to the masses with minimal expense and investment 

Simone Enefer-Doy, Chief Executive, Lifelites

Laura McLachlan, Director of Marketing and Fundraising, Worldwide Cancer Research


Interactive presentation: 5 ways to stay relevant to your audience

  • How do you truly know your audience and what they want in today’s market?
  • Maintaining variety with a range of shareable content
  • How to overcome the impact of crowdfunding and disintermediation with your networks
  • How, where and when to engage with your audience for maximum impact

Gráinne Callan, Head of Supporter Recruitment (Digital and Direct Marketing), Greenpeace UK


Panel: How do I convince my board to increase investment in fundraising?

  • Do you have the right level of expertise and experience on your board?
  • How do you manage fundraising expectations, particularly with long-term objectives?
  • When and how to communicate with your trustees to encourage a productive and collaborative relationship?

Jessica Figueras, Chair of Trustees, NCT

Further speakers to be confirmed


  14:45 Build your own agenda: choose the breakout session most applicable to your daily role.


Case studies: Working with influencers to supercharge your fundraising and awareness campaigns

  • Where to start when identifying influencers and what they can do for your campaign 
  • Creative and effective ideas to integrate influencers into your campaign 
  • Measuring the value and effectiveness of your influencer campaign

Sonya Trivedy, Executive Director of Income, Samaritans

Sara Rees, Executive Engagement Director, World’s Big Sleep Out


Opening up the “new world” of engagement with data insights

  • Gain audience insights and data on a shoestring by making the most of existing networks
  • How to deal with data in the post-GDPR world and use it to personalise your communications
  • Reduce the costs per acquisition of donors and increase customer value through audience segmentation

Discussion session: Identifying and investing in the next generation of fundraising leaders

  • Understanding what qualities and experience the future fundraiser needs to align with how charities need to adapt
  • Identifying the best and brightest fundraisers for your charity operations
  • Recruiting for a more diverse and inclusive workforce 
  • Projecting your organisational values and missions into your recruitment strategy 

Camille St-Omer Donaldson, B.A.M.E Diversity Network Co-Chair, British Red Cross and Organiser, Charity So White

Richard Bowyer, Director of Marketing & Public Fundraising, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Kizzy Gardiner, Head of UK Giving and Engagement, ShelterBox

Darrell Foster, Head of Learning & Development, Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD)


  15:30 Networking refreshment break



Case study: Collaboration beyond the sector: how to work with other sectors to boost your fundraising

  • Learn how MSF raised over £500,000 in a single tour, with minimal spend and investment
  • Partnering with festivals to interact with a new generation of supporters
  • Ways to bring your charity brand to life for new and existing audiences 

James Kliffen, Head of Fundraising, Médecins Sans Frontières UK



Chair’s closing remarks and close of day one



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Chair’s opening remarks



Quick-fire case studies: Achieving sustainability in uncertain times by diversifying your fundraising streams

  • Short vs long-term planning: how to plan and build budgets together with your trustees
  • Balancing the quantity and quality of your fundraising streams in an increasingly competitive environment
  • How to plan and build budgets together with your trustees to manage expectations and boost your overall fundraising targets

Tim Willet, Head of Fundraising, Action on Hearing Loss

Marie Benton, Chief Executive, The Choir With No Name

Davinia Batley, Director of Fundraising, Become



Implementing behavioural insights to increase engagement and regular giving

  • Learning from behavioural science to adapt and change people’s behaviour when giving to charity 
  • Using psychological insights to encourage people to take action, and to donate more to fundraising campaigns
  • Implementing the key principles of behavioural economics to mobilise your network to connect with your cause

Meredith Niles, Executive Director of Fundraising and Engagement, Marie Curie

  10:30 Networking refreshment break

  11:15 Build your own agenda: choose the breakout session most applicable to your daily role.


Interactive case study: Just make it happen: seizing an opportunity in a challenging time

Case study and key take outs from the development of Unicef UK’s latest subscription launch Paddington’s Postcards.

  • How shared ownership empowered decision making & unlocked solutions
  • When good is good enough: developing an MVP approach to testing
  • Scaling up in uncertain times: how to manage risk and drive momentum

Holly Roberts, Direct Marketing Manager and Lucy Casey, Innovation Manager, Unicef UK


Case study: Bringing our Engagement Strategy to life

  • How Diabetes UK launched a new exciting digital Engagement Framework
  • Taking audiences from initial interest through to a longer-term relationship
  • Using data and insight to test, develop and deliver tailored digital journeys

Steve Greenberg, Assistant Director for Engagement and Partnerships and Natalie Fischer, Senior Product Development Specialist, Diabetes UK


Fundraising as one team: How CLIC Sargent developed a one-team relationship fundraising strategy, approach and culture

  • Building an integrated organisational fundraising strategy
  • Breaking down siloes to share projects, knowledge and ideas
  • Involving everyone within the organisation to advocate for and help drive fundraising and engagement

Luke Mallett, Associate Director, Supporter Engagement, CLIC Sargent

Building bridges between teams to improve internal collaboration and culture
  • Creating cross-functional teams to maximise engagement and productivity
  • Improve your flexible working offer using cheap tech solutions
  • Breaking down siloed teams within your organisation to share projects, knowledge and ideas

Jo Stone, Head of Public Fundraising, Battersea

More at 11:15…

How to make the most of LinkedIn for you and your non-profit organisation

  • Learn how to build your perfect profile and create customised content
  • Create brilliant groups, networks, and connections
  • Utilise LinkedIn as a powerful research tool economics to mobilise your network to connect with your cause

Stephen Thorn, Consultant, Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School


  12:00 Build your own agenda: choose the breakout session most applicable to your daily role.


Case study: Email isn’t dead! How we trebled email income in 2 years

  • Building integrated, interactive email journeys to maximise appeal income
  • Planning ahead with other teams and channels to make the most of digital within the wider mix
  • Using the right message in the right channel at the right time 

Ella Pierce, Global Head of Digital Fundraising, Sightsavers


Interactive presentation: How we raised 5 x our annual income (£1m) for our new youth homeless project campaign

  • Working with local businesses and groups as well as building community support to tackle youth homelessness
  •  Investing in key relationships locally
  • Diversification of funding streams to ensure sustainability

Fran Borg-Wheeler, CEO, Youth Concern


Corporate partnerships case study: The Race to £1m

  •  Nine years into its life, Great Ormond St Hospital Charity’s RBC Race for the Kids faced rising costs, falling average gifts and questions about its long-term viability.
  • Members of the project team – from both the charity and corporate partner – will talk you through how they worked hand-in-hand to make 2019 a turnaround year for the event resulting in the London Race becoming the world’s biggest RBC Race for the Kids
  • This included GOSH Charity creating their biggest ever social media campaign to help increase participation by two thirds and more than treble net income

Richard Bowyer, Director of Marketing & Public Fundraising, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Desirée Clarke Noble, MD and Head, Brand and Marketing, Europe and APAC, Royal Bank of Canada


  12:00 Build your own agenda: choose the breakout session most applicable to your daily role.


Case studies: Finding innovative ways to boost awareness and income on a constrained budget

  • The Innovation Hub: seeking innovation within existing fundraising products that aren’t delivering as well as before rather than having to find ‘the next big thing’ 
  1. revamping The Twilight Walk series to increase income
  2. building a model for future projects
  • Exploring the challenges and successes faced of going from nothing to a fully-functioning innovation team

Cat Alabaster, Head of Fundraising (Challenge Events and Innovation), The Brain Tumour Charity

  • Defining audience and channels – who are you talking to and how?
  • Using stories to connect emotionally
  • Figuring out what your crucial messages are
  • The practicalities of measuring results
  • Keeping going – what can you do to leverage more? 

Julia Clark, Director of Engagement, Encephalitis Society


Interactive presentation: Putting your best foot forward: the best ways to approach major donors 

A case study and discussion on Shelter’s journey to improving major donor engagement, increasing income and what they have learned along the way.

Exploring the key growth factors:

  • Strategy, staff and culture
  • The realities of developing donor relationships 
  • High value events  
  • Networks, allies and collaboration

Victoria Smith, Director of Philanthropy, Shelter


Workshop: Making the most of your volunteer network

  • Effective ways to manage and support your volunteers
  • Considering your volunteer journey and how to improve their experience for greater engagement
  • Capitalise on the affordable technology available to expand the horizons of your fundraising campaigns

Chris Reed, Director of Volunteer Mobilisation and Melanie Price, Head of Volunteer Transformation and Innovation, British Red Cross


  13:15 Networking lunch



Case study: Measuring the ROI of your fundraising efforts in the short and long-term

  • Understand what fundraising streams work best for you and your audience with actionable KPIs and insights
  • Consider a broader range of criteria, including retention, satisfaction, non-financial engagement, loyalty and lifetime value
  • Communicating the effectiveness of your strategy to the board and beyond, to maximise your fundraising potential

Gemma Sherrington, Executive Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Save the Children



Case study: Giving up the stage – why fundraisers should step aside for people with lived experience

  • Why should fundraisers create opportunities for people with lived experience to share their stories?
  • How to collaborate to ensure this is authentic and empowering
  • What benefits will working in this way bring to your fundraising and partnerships approaches?

Desiree D’Souza, Executive Director of Innovation and Social Impact, SeeAbility


  15:10 Networking refreshment break



Panel: Future-proofing your fundraising strategy


Take this opportunity to reflect on the key learnings from the last two days and find the takeaways that will boost the impact of your fundraising work. 


Ryna Sherazi, Head of Fundraising and Communications, Anti-Slavery International

Shabby Amini, Executive Director of Fundraising and Creative, Comic Relief

Tamarin Ward, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Prostate Cancer UK

Claire Rowney, Executive Director of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications, Macmillan Cancer Support



Closing keynote: How to be a charity that doesn’t want to exist

  • How to consider your work through an anti-racist, intersectional feminist lens, and why that is crucial
  • Why ideas and thoughts are more important than fundraising
  • How to be better at “charity” in the upcoming decade, and how we should evolve as a sector

Gabby Edlin, CEO & Founder, Bloody Good Period



Chair’s closing remarks and close of Fundraising Conference 2020