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Corporate Foundation Award

Nationwide Foundation

Corporate Foundation Award

Nationwide Foundation


What does it do?

The foundation was established in 1997 by the building society Nationwide. Between April 2012 and March 2015, it donated almost £2m to UK charitable causes. The foundation receives 0.25 per cent of Nationwide’s profits, which totalled £873,333 for the financial year 2015. In addition, the building society provided logistical and office support to the foundation worth more than £90,000.

How did it spend its money?

The Nationwide Foundation has since 2013 been funding charitable organisations to bring empty properties back into use as homes for people in need. Seven charitable organisations received a total of £761,000 in 2015.

This funding has enabled 136 people in housing need to move into affordable, secure homes, and 56 flats and houses have so far been refurbished. Among the new residents of the former empty properties are young care-leavers, survivors of domestic abuse and families trapped in damp, overcrowded homes, none of whom could access decent, affordable housing without the help of the funded organisations.

Why did it win?

The foundation’s support goes beyond initial funding, assisting charitable organisations with communications and marketing support. As well as funding individual organisations, it works to promote community-led activity on empty properties as a whole, through funding research, engaging with policymakers and leveraging funding from other grant-makers.


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