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Charity Partnership: Small Businesses

JPA Furniture

Charity Partnership: Small Businesses

JPA Furniture


For an outstanding partnership between a business, with fewer than 50 employees, and a UK charity

What is the partnership?

The commercial furniture supplier JPA launched Project Dodo in 2016, aiming to “prevent old furniture from becoming extinct”. The company, which has 25 employees, now collects and recycles old furniture when delivering new items. Staff realised that much of the old furniture being collected was still fit for purpose, so JPA set out to match businesses that had surplus furniture with local organisations that could use it.

What did the company do?

JPA teams deliver the furniture free of charge to the new owners. Any not fit for re-use is recycled through an arrangement with a key supplier.

The company now has a steady stream of redundant furniture coming in from firms of all sizes, and receives “wish lists” from all sectors of the community. Businesses are pleased to have a disposal route that saves money compared with traditional landfill, is environmentally sound and has community benefits. Many furniture donors have been to see their donations being used, developing new community links and spin-off activities.

Why did it win?

About 45 companies donated furniture in 2016, and JPA has found homes for more than 2,250 unwanted furniture items, benefiting more than 49 community, charity and not-for-profit organisations. JPA’s work has saved community organisations the equivalent of £170,000 and diverted more than 115 tonnes of unwanted furniture from landfill.


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