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Charity Partnership: Media & Entertainment

Pearson with Kiva

Charity Partnership: Media & Entertainment

Pearson with Kiva


For an outstanding partnership between a company in the media and entertainment sectors and a UK charity

What is the partnership?

In May 2015, the publishing and education company Pearson launched a two-year partnership with Kiva, an online platform that supports users to fund loans for those in need, all over the world. The partnership was established to provide a global opportunity for 35,000 employees to get involved in social impact for the first time.

What did the company do?

All 35,000 Pearson employees received a $25 (£19.49) Kiva code to lend to someone in need, with Pearson committing $1m (£779,600) to the initiative. Two hundred Pearson employees became Kiva Ambassadors, educating staff across the company about how easy it is to give through Kiva.

Specific promotions included a focus on loans to support girls and women, one of Pearson’s social impact priorities. Thirteen senior level executives wrote their own Kiva stories about who they gave to and why, inspiring more than 200 employees to tell their personal impact stories. 

Why did it win?

Pearson staff have loaned $1.3m (£1,013,740) to more than 31,000 borrowers in 78 countries, with 40 per cent of employees participating in the initiative. Pearson is ranked as the #2 company on the Kiva platform, with the most amount of loans and most number of new users.


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