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Charity Partnership: Financial Services (Banks)

Societe Generale with Mind

Charity Partnership: Financial Services (Banks)

Societe Generale with Mind


For an outstanding partnership between a bank and a UK charity

What is the partnership?

In 2015, Societe Generale staff chose Mind as the company’s charity of the year. The partnership aimed to raise a minimum of £600,000 over two years, make SG a more mentally healthy workplace and raise awareness of Mind and mental health.

What did the company do?

Despite initial concern that colleagues might be reluctant to engage with the potentially taboo issue of mental health, a third of SG staff responded to a survey focusing on mental wellbeing in the workplace. The findings informed SG’s wellbeing agenda as well as the focus of the partnership.

Fundraising events developed by the SG corporate social responsibility team and supported by Mind included a midnight hike with 104 participants, and a dragon boat race with 88 participants. SG also ran awareness-raising weeks and months, and two Mind Weeks, with a different wellbeing activity available each day. SG staff volunteered more than 500 hours, including 90 hours to a mentoring programme supporting Mind staff, and donated more than £15,000 worth of stock to Mind shops. Summer interns dedicated 496 hours to supporting Mind youth mental health and sports research projects.

Why did it win?

The project significantly exceeded the original target, raising more than £700,000 as well as providing £50,000 of in-kind support to Mind. More than 1,000 staff took part in fundraising events and media coverage reached more than a million people. Mind was able to advise SG on setting up its own wellbeing network, a legacy that will outlive the partnership.

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