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Business of the Year

Yorkshire Building Society

Business of the Year

Yorkshire Building Society


What is the programme?

Yorkshire Building Society is committed to making a positive impact in the communities it serves. The company has also entered a two-and-a-half-year partnership with Marie Curie, through which colleagues and customers have raised £823,000 – beating the £500,000 target one year early. Last year the building society relaunched its corporate volunteering programme, increasing the number of annual paid volunteering hours from 14 to 31 per employee. In addition, it provides funding to Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, which has donated more than £6m since 1999 to local charities and good causes.

Who does it support?

To encourage colleagues to use their new 31-hour allowance, Yorkshire Building Society launched seven skills-based volunteering programmes. Employees have supported local schools with activities such as employability workshops, mentored undergraduates at Leeds Business School and provided more than 3,000 hours of support for the charity partner Marie Curie.

Others volunteer as Silver Line Friends, taking part in weekly phone chats with older people, while 14 colleagues are school governors. Employees can use their volunteering allowance to support their own chosen good causes.

What has it achieved?

More than 35 per cent of employees are participating in the volunteer programme, compared with 25 per cent in 2014, and the number of hours of donated volunteering time has risen from 10,000 in 2014 to 11,800. Half of those taking part said their job satisfaction had improved and 61 per cent said they felt prouder of working at the society after volunteering.


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