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Learn the simple steps to proving your organisation’s Social Impact

Learn the simple steps to proving your organisation’s Social Impact

Come along to this interactive workshop to find out why your organisation can’t afford to miss out on measuring social impact, how easy it is to do and how it will help you grow faster!

Using examples from our portfolio of 100+ organisations, this workshop will outline the simple steps in CAN Invest’s ‘Stairway to Impact’ that your organisation can take to be able to prove and improve your social impact. Through peer discussion and real case studies, you will hear about organisations that have radically changed their approach to delivery and increased their funding, as well as common pitfalls to avoid. We will also discuss emerging developments in the sector to help your organisation stand out.

This workshop will be relevant for beginners and more advanced practitioners, such as:

  • Sales & Marketing Manager that wants to be able to tell a compelling story about your organisation’s impact?

  • A fundraiser who needs some impact data to incorporate into a funding bid?

  • Head of Delivery that needs to ensure they deliver on contracted outcomes?

  • A Chief-Executive that needs to engender an impact-led culture across your organisation?

Through group work and individual reflection, you will develop an initial action plan to start measuring impact in your organisation and the options to improve your current approach, to help you win more funding and grow faster.