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Third Sector’s Fundraising Week 2017 delivered two inspiring days of insight at the Fundraising Conference, celebrated success at the Business Charity Awards and created a great debate at Big Questions Live. We also celebrated new comers to the sector at the new Fundraisers: The next Generation Awards.

The week was skilfully designed with the busy schedule of the charity professional in mind, offering an exciting mix of networking events, workshops, keynotes, awards, debate and much more over a five-day period from 22 – 26 May.

With so much taking place across the sector Fundraising Week 2018 is a must-attend event for all fundraising professionals. Don’t miss out in 2018 – Book your place using the link below.


Highlights of Fundraising Week 2017

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Highlights of Fundraising Week 2016

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Harrison’s Fund Film Screening 2017

At Third Sector’s Fundraising Conference 2017 together with Wegiveit, we invited all delegates to the screening of ‘The Challenge: My Iron Man Dad’ which was followed by a live interview led by Jude Habib, a former BBC reporter and founder of Sound Delivery.

Alex’s son, Harrison, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystophy in 2011, a life limiting disease. By the time he’s a teenager Harrison will lose the ability to walk, and like all boys with Duchenne, he’ll die in his late teens or early twenties from heart failure. In 2015 Alex had an idea to give Harrison the feeling of an amazing achievement, so he decided to enter Ironman. The award-winning feature documentary followed Alex’s attempt to complete a triathlon whilst carrying his disabled son for the entire course.

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